„Different areas of Hundertwasser's influence in one exhibition“

In the middle of Bavaria lies the town of Abensberg, where a fairytale tower dominates the silhouette of the town. This tower is the landmark of Kuchlbauer's beer world. Originally designed by Hundertwasser, the building plans were changed and redesigned by Peter Pelikan, an architect who worked with Hundertwasser for many years. Just a minute's walk from the Kuchlbauer Tower is the KunstHausAbensberg, part of the complex, which was designed entirely by Peter Pelikan. The KunstHausAbensberg shows an extensive exhibition on more than 400qm which, besides insights into Hundertwasser's graphic work, also takes up various other areas of Hundertwasser's influence. In the shop on site you will find a large selection of original Hundertwasser products.


Brauerei zum Kuchlbauer GmbH & Co KG
Römerstr. 5-9
93326 Abensberg






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