Hundertwasser - the painter


“I dream while I am painting. Once the dream is over, I can’t remember what I have dreamt. But the picture remains.
The picture is the harvest of the dream.”

Hundertwasser, 1972

“I believe, and I am absolutely certain, and therefore
I believe, that painting is a religious occupation,
that the actual impulse comes from without, from
something else that we do not know, an indefinable
power which comes or does not come and which guides
your hand”

Hundertwasser, 1975

“I do not paint expressive or imitative as has become fashionable today — still fashionable, but vegetative —
a way of expression of the future ecological (sic!) age, which is beginning now.This will be understood only in ten years or after one generation.
For now, one judges my paintings according to their optical appearance as though they were expressive-imitative,
and not according their actual content, which has emerged authentically, creatively, organically, vegetatively, magically.“

Hundertwasser, 1984



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